Vinyl Siding Vs Fiber cement

Which type of siding material is the best for the walls of the home?

Selecting the best siding material for a new home can be a daunting task with various options in hand. One of the most important factors which people look for is the design of the siding. Many of them skip the other integral like durability, insulating capacity during summer and winter, maintenance charges and longevity of the siding.

The design comes as the last prospect during the selection of the siding material of the walls. There are so many types of siding materials for walls that can confuse and create complications during comparisons.

The top class and choice for the best siding materials always have a close margin fight between the vinyl siding and fiber cement. We would evaluate the duo with several considerations before we make a statement on which is best than the other.

The basic dissimilarities between vinyl siding and fiber cement

One of the common points separating the vinyl siding and the fiberVinyl siding Installers cement is the method of preparation and the raw materials used during their preparation. During the preparation, Fiber cement is a mix of wood pulp and Portland comes into the application and prepared like a long-board or shingles which is directly stuck on the walls with the help of the nails.

On the other hand, PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a key ingredient during the preparation of the vinyl siding. The vinyl siding is attached to the walls in such a way that it stays flexible during contraction and relaxation during variant weather conditions. Many experts suggest vinyl over other sidings due to its toughness and flexible features.

The look fight between the duo

The fiber cement siding can be bought with diverse shapes like squares, semi-circles, and shillings based on the design and requirement. The companies also offer different colors and patterns for the fiber cement which means this type of siding can completely be customized.

The vinyl siding would always keep a step ahead in looks due to various options and modern designs which it offers to the customers. One has a huge variety of colors and designs to choose from and hence for traditional or modern homes looks can and will matter for the impression of the visitors.

Which is more durable and cost-effective? Vinyl Siding Vs fiber cement

The fiber cement sidings can crack during hardie board installation or at places where there is a huge amount of moisture. This can produce open cracks on the wall and hence can affect the life and can add on maintenance charges which can screw up the bank balance of the house owner.

The vinyl sidings don’t absorb moisture and hence can stay untouched for decades and so they can be prioritized when selecting a wall siding for durability and cost-effectiveness factors. The vinyl sidings can run long and only need a few cleanings on regular occasions.

Both the materials are thin and hence cannot add too much to the energy-efficient portion still additional foam coverings to the vinyl sidings can slightly increase their energy saving capacities.